Why water cannot extinguish oil fire


Water cannot be used on oil fires, due to the density difference water will go down and oil along with fire will float on water as a thin layer and spreads along with fire. Daniel Schwarz Carigiet , Used to teach fire-fighting as part of corporate Safety & Security training.

Because oil floats on water, it is impossible to put out an oil fire with water. Water continues to pour, increasing the possibility of the fire spreading. What’s the best way to put out a fuel fire? Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are also used to put out flames produced by the combustion of combustible materials such as oil or gasoline.

Here Is Why You Should Never Put Water On An Oil Fire …

• Do Not Use Water – As intuitive as it might seem, pouring water on oil causes it to splash and spread the fire even more. The water will get …

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Water cannot be used for extinguishing fires involving flammable liquids; the density of water would permit the oil or grease to float to the surface and continue burning and spread. Water cannot…

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Why can’t you mix oil and water to extinguish a fire?

Because the flaming oil will rise to the surface and float on the water, spreading the fire instead of extinguishing it. As others have pointed out, mixing oil and water is generally not a good idea, and alternative extinguishing methods are much better.

What happens if you put water in an oil fire?

No air, no fire. The problem is that oil fires heat the oil to higher than the boiling point of water. When water sinks into the oil, it explodes into steam, launching the oil into the air where it can explode into a ball of fire, making things worse.

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How does water extinguish a fire?

Water can actually do three things with fire: Feed it, not affect it, or quench it, depending on the fuel. For burning solids, such as paper, wood, or coal, water will extinguish the fire by two methods: cooling and, if enough is present, depriving the fire of oxygen. A fire needs three things: heat, fuel, and oxygen.

Can you use water on an oil or grease fire?

Okay, so that’s alot of information but now to answer your question: You can not use water on a oil or grease fire because oil is lighter than water. The medium would just float on-top of the water and you would not have removed any of the three sides of the triangle I described above.

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