Why not use an expired fire extinguisher


Once your fire extinguisher expires (or is used), you need to replace it. Many household fire extinguishers are single-use and cannot be refilled. However, commercial-grade and Co2 extinguishers may be able to be …

Because extinguishers tend to lose pressure over that period of time. External factors like damage, rust and corrosion can compromise the integrity of the shell, impacting the extinguisher’s ability to function properly over time.

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Cracked, split, or damaged hose. Lack of inspection tag. A professional can also test to determine if chemical powder has settled and compacted within the extinguisher. If this is the case, your extinguisher will not function properly and needs to be recharged.

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In short, no, you should not use an expired fire extinguisher. With proper care (including recharging and hydro-testing), your fire extinguisher should be able to last 10 – 12 years. However, it’s important that you schedule regular maintenance with a professional fire protection company like Guardian, so we can ensure your fire extinguisher is safe and reliable to …

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What should I do with an expired fire extinguisher?

The hose or nozzle of the hose has been damaged, ripped, cracked or is currently blocked with debris or other matterThe locking pin on the fire extinguisher’s handle has been removed, is missing or is no longer sealedThe handle of the fire extinguisher has become wobbly, broken or loose

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How to safely dispose of expired fire extinguishers?

Some signs that the fire extinguisher needs to be replaced include:Slow loss of pressureRust or corrosionExcessive damageIllegible instructions

Do fire extinguishers really expire?

The truth is that most fire extinguishers do not come with an expiration date, and it can be challenging to know exactly when to replace your fire extinguisher. Over time, factors such as damage, rust and corrosion can cause a fire extinguisher to lose its ability to operate properly.

When does a fire extinguisher expire?

When do fire extinguishers expire? Answer. Although they don’t have a true “expiration date,” traditional fire extinguishers generally have a 10-12 year life expectancy. Disposable fire extinguishers should be replaced every 12 years. Rechargeable fire extinguishers should be taken to an experienced fire equipment company and recharged every 10 …

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