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The modern fire extinguisher was invented by British Captain George William Manby in 1818; it consisted of a copper vessel of 3 gallons (13.6 liters) of pearl ash (potassium carbonate) solution contained within compressed air. History of the fire extinguisher Around 200 BC. Ctesibius of Alexandria invented a hand pump able to deliver water to a fire.

The extinguishers were usually activated by turning the appliance upside down to mix the chemicals. Also known as CTC fire extinguishers, the carbon tetrachloride extinguisher was originally invented by the company Pyrene around 1912. The extinguishers propelled the liquid CTC at the fire by means of a hand pump.

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This was the first recorded patent for a fire extinguisher. 1818 – The first ‘modern’ fire extinguisher. It was invented by British Captain George William Manby and was made of a copper vessel filled with compressed air mixed with potassium carbonate. 1866 – Francois Carlier of France invented the soda-acid fire extinguisher.

Ambrose Godfrey a popular chemist invented the first fire extinguisher in 1723 in England. This extinguisher constituted of a liquid that extinguished fire, and …

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