Where should you keep a fire extinguisher in your house

Here are the five essential places to keep a fire extinguisher in your home: 1. The Kitchen. Kitchens are one of the most common places to find a fire extinguisher in any home, and it’s easy to see why. Cooking equipment continues to be the leading cause of reported home structure fires and fire injuries.

To truly keep your home and office safe, you must keep your extinguishers maintained and up-to-date on inspections, and keep them in the correct rooms that are at the highest risk of a fire. The Kitchen. The most important room to store a fire extinguisher in is the kitchen, as 65 percent of all fires start in the kitchen.

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Where to Keep Fire Extinguishers | The Family Handyman

Common sense dictates that you keep fire extinguishers wherever there’s a potential for an accidental fire, such as in kitchens and garages. But some fire experts also recommend keeping them in places like laundry rooms and workshops and at the tops of basement stairwells.

Ensure your access to the extinguisher is not blocked by keeping your garage tidy. The Bedrooms. When you have to respond to a home fire in the night, you will most likely be in your bedroom. As such, keep a portable fire extinguisher in there, so you can have quick access to it. That is important even when the fire is not burning in your room.

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