Where do you dispose of a fire extinguisher

If an extinguisher is empty, you can simply throw them out with your recycling trash since they no longer contain hazardous materials. You may want to still check with your local recycling company about the best way to recycle the canister. Call fire department if fully/partially charged. Some local fire departments accept portable fire extinguisher drop-offs. Call ahead of time before …

Once you’re sure your extinguisher is empty, and can’t be refilled, you are prepared to discard it. Check in on local city guidelines – for example, NYC recommends that old fire extinguishers that are not dry chemical or carbon dioxide may contain carbon tetrachloride, a known carcinogen, need to be recycled by a local FDNY-certified fire extinguisher retailer.

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How to Safely Dispose of Expired Fire Extinguishers

Instead the disposal depends on the condition of the fire extinguisher. If it still has charge , the local fire protection professional should be able to help dispose of it in an appropriate manner. If it is empty , the local recycling facility will provide directions for recycling the steel canister.

If you have a foam-based fire extinguisher you would like to empty; you should start by locating a sewer drain, then open the valve on the fire extinguisher and direct the nozzle to the sewer line. The contents will empty into the sewer line and leave you with the metallic and plastic parts that should be taken to the nearest recycling center.

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