Where can you get fire extinguishers recharged

Recharge should be done by a certified Fire Extinguisher Service Company local to you. The Fire Extinguisher Service company will perform inspection and/or maintenance as required, dependent on the age of the Fire Extinguisher. To do this, check your favorite search engine for certified fire equipment dealers in your area. Depending on the size and original cost of your extinguisher, a …

Commercial and industrial facilities need their fire extinguishers recharged by trained fire protection professionals to meet state codes, OSHA requirements, and insurance company recommendations. Fire protection companies have the tools, training, and knowledge to ensure fire extinguishers are in peak working condition and appropriately refilled with the correct …

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Where To Get Fire Extinguisher Recharged At Fire Department?

Some fire departments will recharge them for a fee, however, more and more fire departments are opting not to recharge fire extinguishers due to the cost and liability. If you want your fire extinguisher recharged, then you should consider contacting a certified fire extinguisher repair company or technician.

You can recharge a fire extinguisher yourself, or you can contact your local fire department and have them recharge it for you. Recharging is generally more budget-friendly than buying a new fire extinguisher altogether, so it’s a good option to have on the side. How Often Should Fire Extinguishers Be Recharged?

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