Where can i throw fire extinguisher

Take extinguisher to hazardous waste disposal facility. If your local fire department is not accepting drop-offs, you can take the extinguisher to a hazardous waste disposal facility. Most cities and counties have their own local center for hazardous waste disposal. Look up centers in your area and schedule a drop off.

Instead the disposal depends on the condition of the fire extinguisher. If it still has charge, the local fire protection professional should be able to help dispose of it in an appropriate manner. If it is empty, the local recycling facility will provide directions for recycling the steel canister. To make sure there is no pressure remaining …

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How To Dispose Of A Fire Extinguisher: Tips

With no pressure inside, you can now throw it in the regular garbage or trash bag. #2. Extinguishers with Content. Inspect the pressure gauge to determine the level of content inside. You can learn whether you have an overcharged unit, the right pressure level, or whether you need a recharge from this inspection.

Consult your town’s municipal website to find a hazardous waste disposal center near you. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, there will not be recycling resources for fire extinguishers in your area. A hazardous-waste disposal facility can throw away your extinguisher safely.

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