Where can i dispose of fire extinguishers near me

Although you can’t place an extinguisher in a regular household recycle bin, you can take it to a fire extinguisher service company or recycling facility. Check your local fire extinguisher company listings or earth911.com to find a recycling facility near you. If recycling isn’t a possibility, it is also acceptable to empty the extinguisher and discard it in your regular …

Contact a fire protection company or a certified fire equipment dealer to make an appointment to have your fire extinguisher recharged. Empty fire extinguishers can be recycled.

How to Properly Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher

Take extinguisher to hazardous waste disposal facility. If your local fire department is not accepting drop-offs, you can take the extinguisher to a hazardous waste disposal facility. Most cities and counties have their own local center for hazardous waste disposal. Look up centers in your area and schedule a drop off.

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Instead the disposal depends on the condition of the fire extinguisher. If it still has charge, the local fire protection professional should be able to help dispose of it in an appropriate manner. If it is empty, the local recycling facility will provide directions for recycling the steel canister. To make sure there is no pressure remaining …

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Disposal Process for Used, Expired Fire Extinguishers Video Answer


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