When to use a co2 fire extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguishers are particularly suitable for offices where there is a lot of electrical office equipment. Pairs of CO2 and Foam extinguishers are often recommended for this kind of internal environment, as this covers the vast majority of fire risks likely to be found.

Utilize fire extinguishers that use carbon dioxide rather than water for Class B fires. The extinguishing agent used in this type of device makes it the ideal extinguisher in computer and data server rooms, laboratories, engine compartments, clean rooms, boats, generator rooms, flammable liquid storage rooms, and other similar types of places.

When Would It Be Dangerous to Use a Carbon Dioxide …

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, when used in the right circumstances can save lives. However, it would be dangerous to use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher when dealing with flammable gases, cooking oils and fats, or in a confined space. In this article, we’ll detail the situations where a carbon dioxide extinguisher could be dangerous to use, as well as how …

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5、Where to aim the fire extinguisher nozzle: Flammable liquids: Aim the horn at the base of the fire and move across the area. Be careful not to splash the burning liquid with the powerful jet of … Electrical equipment: Switch off the power, where safely possible, to prevent later re-ignition and …

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Why is CO2 more suitable for fire extinguishers?

Why Is Carbon Dioxide Used in Fire Extinguishers?Properties. CO2 is a colorless and, in normal concentrations, odorless gas. …Classes of Fire. Fires are classified by the type of material that’s burning. …CO2 as a Fire Extinguishant. …CO2 Fire-Suppression Systems. …Health Risks From CO2. …

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What are the fire extinguishers CO 2 used for?

What are different Colour fire extinguishers used for?Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Black.Foam – Cream.Powder – Blue.Water (including Water Mist) – Red.Wet Chemical – Yellow.

How can someone use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

What are the five basic fire safety practices?Check that all smoke and fire alarms are functioning properly. Ideally, you should test your fire alarms once a month and replace batteries twice a year.Have an actionable fire plan.Never leave a room with an open flame.Have at least one fire extinguisher.Embrace the cliché—Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Do you use CO2 to extinguish liquid fire?

CO2 fire extinguishers are safe for use on flammable liquid and electrical fires. They are NOT for use on wood, paper or fabric fires. They are also NOT suitable for cooking fires that involve oil and grease (such as chip pan fires) as the extinguisher could end up blasting the flames into surrounding areas.

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