What type of fire extinguishers are used at lurie children’s

Water mist extinguishers are a type of water fire extinguisher that uses distilled water and discharges it as a fine spray instead of a solid stream. Water mist extinguishers are used where contaminants in unregulated water sources can cause excessive damage to personnel or equipment. Typical applications include operating rooms, museums, and book …

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Types of Fire Extinguisher – Quick Reference. Although there are five main types of fire extinguishers, consider that both water and dry powder extinguishers have several versions. The eight types of fire extinguisher (including variants) are: Water; Water Mist; Water Spray; Foam; Dry Powder (Standard) Dry Powder (Specialist) CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Wet …

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What are the fire extinguishing agents used in fire extinguishers?

The fire extinguishing agent used in these devices is a powder composed of very small particulates. Types of agents available include sodium bicarbonate base and potassium bicarbonate base.

Can a Class A fire extinguisher be used on electronic devices?

Larger models of these fire extinguishers are listed for Class A as well as Class B and Class C fires, which makes them quite suitable for use on fires in electronic equipment. When discharged, these agents are in the combined form of a gas/mist or a liquid, which rapidly evaporates after discharge with about twice the range of carbon dioxide.

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Are portable fire extinguishers any good?

In the hands of a trained person, portable fire extinguishers are great tools to protect people and property from fire during early stages. When using an extinguisher or selecting an extinguisher to install, it’s important to know the characteristics of different fire extinguishers.

How to choose the right type of fire extinguisher for your facility?

Choosing the right type of fire extinguisher for your facility comes down to accurately identifying the hazards that are present. It’s good to remember that you may need more than one fire extinguisher, or, you might choose a multipurpose fire extinguisher.

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