What type of fire extinguisher is used for flammable liquids

02. Class B Fire Extinguishers. Class B fire extinguishers are rated for use on flammable liquids like grease, gasoline, and oil, and most often use C02 or clean agents to safely suppress fires. Both clean agents and CO2 work …

7 rowsWith a unique class C rating, powder fire extinguishers are the only effective solution …

Which Fire Extinguishers should be used for flammable liquids

The extinguisher of this kind has a better protection range as in most cases this kind of extinguisher used a nonflammable compressed gas to properly out the fire extinguishing agent father. These are the most popular fire extinguisher types that can put out fires caused by chemical gas and liquids. You should conduct in-depth research to find out your requirement …

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What chemicals are used in a fire extinguisher?

What Extinguishing Agents are used in a Fire Extinguisher?Dry Chemical. This agent is made up of very small particles of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, or ammonium phosphate with additives to help enhance flow and prevent packing and caking.Wet Chemical. …Clean Agent. …Foam. …Dry Powder. …

What is a Class B fire extinguisher used for?

What is a Class B fire extinguisher used for? Class B fires involve flammable and combustible liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, oil-based paints, lacquers. Therefore, extinguishers with a B rating are designed to extinguish fires involving flammable and combustible liquids.

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What is the best type of fire extinguisher?

Dry-chemical fire extinguisher with a capacity of 2.5 lbIncludes brackets for wall mountingSleek and attractive chrome finishEasy to useCompact size suitable for storage in small spaces

How do I choose the right fire extinguisher?

Which fire extinguisher types to useClass A fires – water, water mist, foam, dry powder, wet chemicalClass B – water mist, foam, dry powder, CO2, some wet chemicalClass C – water mist, dry powderClass D – specialist dry powderElectrical – water mist, foam, CO2Class F – water mist, wet chemical.

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