What type of fire extinguisher is used for combustible metals

Dry powder types. These fire extinguishers and agents are intended for use on Class D fires and specific metals, following special techniques and manufacturer’s recommendations for use. The extinguishing agent can be applied from a fire extinguisher or by scoop and shovel.

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Combustible metals such as magnesium, titanium, and sodium are used in Class D flames. D-rated extinguishers are meant to put out fires involving flammable metals. Note: When used on a combustible metal fire, common extinguishing products may react, increasing the severity of …

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What type of fire extinguisher do you need for a metal fire?

These types of fires require an extinguishing agent that will not react with the burning metal. Most Class D fire extinguishers use a dry powder agent to smother the fire and absorb heat, suppressing the fire. 05. Class K Fire Extinguishers Class K fire extinguishers are made to combat kitchen fires.

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What is the chemical used in fire extinguishers?

Used on cooking fat, grease, and oil fires, these fire extinguishers usually employ a wet chemical agent composed of potassium to simultaneously cool and suppress the fire. Are there any other types of fire extinguishers?

What are the different types of Class A fire extinguishers?

There are a number of safe ways to extinguish a Class A fire, so you’ll find a variety of Class A fire extinguisher options available. Some may use a clean agent, while others may use water mist to suffocate and cool a Class A fire. 02. Class B Fire Extinguishers

How do you extinguish a combustible metal fire?

Note: Common extinguishing agents may react with a combustible metal fire causing the severity of the fire to increase. The most common method for extinguishing a combustible metal fire is to cover the burning material with a dry powder, such as sand, which will not react with the material.

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