What size fire extinguisher for business

Class A and B extinguishers are rated for the size of fire they can put out. For Class A fires, this rating is expressed as a number from 1-40. For Class B fires, it is expressed as a number from 1-640. The higher the numbers, the larger the fire that can be extinguished.

An average sized room with combustible materials has different fire extinguisher needs than a commercial space with a larger fuel load and a lot more room for a fire to spread. The former may require a 5-pound fire extinguisher whereas the commercial space may need the 30-pound unit. The size of the room and fuel load will determine the size of extinguisher to …

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A light- or low-hazard fire needs a 4-pound fire extinguisher rated 2A:10B: C that covers 3000 square feet or a 10-pound commercial fire extinguisher if the office’s size is larger. To Conclude It’s essential to consider the weight and size of the fire extinguisher whenever you’re buying one for your home, office, apartment, restaurant, warehouse, and more.

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A large, high-capacity fire extinguisher might work well for your application, but relying on one that is too heavy or bulky for your workers to use creates a dangerous situation. Common fire extinguisher sizes and their approximate weight. 2-A:10B:C – 4 lb. 3-A:40B:C – 5 lb. 4-A:60B:C – 10 lb. 10-A:80B:C – 20 lb.

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How many fire extinguishers should my business have?

The method used is one 13A extinguisher covering 200 m2 of floor area. If your business is spread over several floors there should be at least two fire extinguishers per level. However, if the floor is less than 100m2 in area, then one is acceptable.

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Which fire extinguisher is best?

Fire class Fire extinguishers are sorted by “fire class,” which is designated by letters A, B, and C. Typically, the best option for household use is an ABC extinguisher that can combat all types of fire, but if you are looking for a product to put in a specific location, such as the kitchen or garage, you might want one that is …

What is the standard height for a fire extinguisher?

The fire extinguishers should be hanged at a height of around 4 to 5 feet for easy removal and visibility. In a recent Life Safety survey the state surveyor said that fire extinguishers under a certain weight must be mounted no higher than 5 feet high at the handle. For extinguishers over 40 pounds, they must be mounted no higher than 3 feet high.

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How to select the size of a fire extinguisher?

The rate at which the fire is spreading.The capacity of the people present.The size of the room.

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