What is the difference between abc and co2 fire extinguisher

ABC extinguisher is effective for the 3 classes of ordinary fires. A – ordinary combustibles, B – flammable liquids, C – energized electrical equipment. They will leave a very fine dry chemical agent when used. CO2 extinguisher is a class BC extinguisher and is not effective in extinguishing a class A fire.

The average pressurized water extinguisher discharges two and half gallons of water for up to one minute, with an effective range that falls between thirty to forty feet. This particular type of extinguisher smothers fires by cooling the burning material …

Fire Extinguisher Type – What Are The Differences?

ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers. Wet Chemical Extinguishers. Class B Fires involve Flammable Liquids. Which Include: Gasoline, Oil, Paint & other flammable liquids. Carbon Dioxide (C02) Extinguishers. AFFF Foam Extinguishers. ABC Powder Extinguishers. Class C Fires Involve Flammable Gasses.

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Although many people look for only class A, B, or C fire extinguishers, there is an extinguisher that does the job of all three of these. ABC extinguishers are filled with a dry chemical agent known as mono ammonium phosphate and can fight all of these fires. This agent is corrosive and must be scrubbed off the surfaces once the first is out.

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Why is CO2 the best fire extinguisher?

Understand that recharging a fire extinguisher can cost between $10 and $25. …Only use a portable fire extinguisher on a small fire. …It’s recommended that you inspect your extinguisher annually, looking for cracks or corrosion. …Understand how the extinguisher must be maintained by reading the instructions. …

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Why is CO2 more suitable for fire extinguishers?

Why Is Carbon Dioxide Used in Fire Extinguishers?Properties. CO2 is a colorless and, in normal concentrations, odorless gas. …Classes of Fire. Fires are classified by the type of material that’s burning. …CO2 as a Fire Extinguishant. …CO2 Fire-Suppression Systems. …Health Risks From CO2. …

What should an ABC fire extinguisher be used on?

Class A flames are caused by wood, cloth, or paper.Class B flames are caused by liquids and gases.Class C flames are caused by energized electrical sources.

Which chemical used in ABC fire extinguisher?

OfficesBanksSchoolsHotelsWarehousesMaterial Handling Vehicles

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