What is pass for using a fire extinguisher

RACE and PASS stand for two ways to use a fire extinguisher. The RACE acronym differs from the word PASS but has the same intention of keeping people safe while reducing damage and is particularly popular in hospital settings.

What Does PASS Mean When Using A Fire Extinguisher?

The PASS Technique for Using a Fire Extinguisher* To put the pressurized contents of a fire extinguisher to use, follow this four-step process: PULL the pin: The handle on top of the canister should have a pin going through it to prevent accidental discharge. Remove this pin. Some fire extinguishers have a lock latch or puncture level instead of a pin. Learn …

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How to use a fire extinguisher using pass?

In the event of a fire:Sound the alarm and call the fire brigade.Identify a safe evacuation route before tackling the fire.Keep checking to make sure the fire nor smoke comes between you and your evacuation path.Evaluate the fire and select the correct fire extinguisher for the blaze, if you are unsure of the cause, evacuate immediately.

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What does pass mean on a fire extinguisher?

PASS is a straightforward fire extinguisher training technique that anyone can learn. PASS is an abbreviation for: P ulling the pin on a fire extinguisher. A iming the nozzle low so that it is facing the base of the fire. S queezing the handle which releases the extinguishing agent.

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What is the pass method for fire extinguishers?

P stands for pull the pin on the fire extinguisher. This will also break the tamper seal, a small device that prevents the pin from coming out accidentally.A stands for aim the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire. …S stands for squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing materials.S also stands for sweep the nozzle from side to side. …

What does pass stand for fire extinguisher?

What is the PASS fire extinguisher method? PASS stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep, and refers to the correct and safest way to use a fire extinguisher. It acts as a useful device for remembering each step in extinguishing a fire. Below, we discuss each aspect of PASS in more detail. Pull

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