What is a class abc fire extinguisher used for

Any fire extinguisher labeled ‘Class A’ can put out a wood fire, and an ABC fire extinguisher is one of the options. The powder released by an ABC fire extinguisher creates a blanket over the flames that cuts their contact from …

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ABC Fire Extinguishers use monoammonium phosphate, a dry chemical with the ability to quickly put out many different types of fires by smothering the flames. This pale, yellow powder can put out all three classes of fire: Class A is for trash, wood, and paper. Class B is for liquids and gases.

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Which fire extinguiser is best for ABC types of fire?


What type of fire extinguisher would be in a classroom?

purpose dry chemical is suitable for use on class A, B, and C. ABC is the most common type of fire extinguisher in a schools. Other Class K Kitchen – Fires involving combustible cooking liquids such as oils and fats. Other Class D Metals – Fires involving powders, …

What is an ABC rated fire extinguisher?

What is an ABC rated fire extinguisher? An extinguisher with an ABC rating is suitable for use with fires involving ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and energized electrical equipment. An extinguisher that is rated for use with multiple hazards should include a symbol for each hazard type.

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What should an ABC fire extinguisher be used on?

Class A flames are caused by wood, cloth, or paper.Class B flames are caused by liquids and gases.Class C flames are caused by energized electrical sources.

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