What do symbols on a fire extinguisher indicate

Here is the breakdown of each letter, its meaning, and corresponding symbols. A: The letter A indicates to the owner that the particular fire extinguisher they are about to use is meant for paper, wood, trash, and other common materials. The symbol associated with this tends to be a trash can next to a woodpile, both on fire.

2. The second symbol represents flammable liquid – Such paraffin or petrol. 3. The third symbol represents electrical fire. 4. The fourth symbol represents fire involving fat and cooking oil. Understanding this signs is very important as it guides on the most suitable fire extinguisher for any kind of fire.

What do the Symbols on a Fire Extinguisher Indicate?

In green, red, blue, yellow, and black, the letters indicate what class of fire an extinguisher is equipped to fight. Different types of fire need different approaches to extinguish them, and this is why all fire extinguishers need to be clearly labeled, so you always know you are using the correct type. You can cause serious harm by using the …

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The geometric symbol is the red square and the pictograph shows a fuel can in flames. Class C – for fires involving electrical equipment, like appliances, wiring, circuit breakers or outlets. You should never use water to …

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What does the number on the fire extinguisher mean?

What do the Numbers on Fire Extinguishers Mean? The numbers you might see accompanying the letter class of a fire extinguisher refer to the extinguishers size rating for class A and B fires. Other classes don’t have such a rating. For class A fires, the number corresponds to its effectiveness relative to 1 ¼ gallons of water.

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What does the letter on a fire extinguisher mean?

What Do the Letters and Numbers Mean on Your Fire Extinguisher?For class A fires, the number corresponds to its effectiveness relative to 1 ¼ gallons of water. …Class B fire extinguishers have a slightly different numerical assignation. The number attached to these indicates how many feet of coverage the fire extinguisher can provide if swept back and …Conclusion. …

Where is the serial number on a fire extinguisher?

The name of the company and person who last inspected the fire extinguisher.The date of the last inspection.The license number or certification of the inspecting technician.The fire extinguisher’s chemical type. …Validation of inspection with a hole punch under “serviced.”The month and year when the last inspection was performed.

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What does a fire extinguisher represent?

What do the Letters on Fire Extinguishers Mean? The letters on a fire extinguisher directly correlate with the type of fire it’s equipped to face. Class A: Easily the fire you’re most likely to encounter, Class A means common combustibles like paper, plastic, wood, cloth, etc. are fuelling the fire. Classic Class A fire extinguishers use …

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