What comes out of a fire extinguisher

"i just inhaled a little bit of the stuff that comes out of fire extinguishers will i be alright?" Answered by Dr. David Miller: Check MSDS: There are many different chemicals in fire extinguishers t…

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How do fire extinguishers work? – Explain that Stuff

How do fire extinguishers work? Water extinguishers. A water extinguisher is like a giant water pistol, but instead of using pressure from your …

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Class A: wood, cloth, and paper type fires. Class B: combustible liquids such as oil and paint type fires. Class C: Electrical equipment type fires. Class D: …

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Which fire extinguisher works best to put out a computer fire?

Halocarbon: Halocarbon fire extinguishers could be the best choice for your computer server room. There’s no residue left behind, and two common extinguishing agents are HCFC-123, also known as Halotron I, and FE-36, also known as CleanGuard. Halon 1211: Halon 1211 is a gas that was used in older fire extinguishers.

How does a fire extinguisher put out a fire?

The steps to using almost any fire extinguisher can be remembered by using the acronym PASS:P- Pull out the Safety pinA- Aim the nozzle of the extinguisher at the fireS- Squeeze the handleS- Sweep and spray from side to side

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What are the 5 types of fire extinguishers?

“KABSON” Fire Fighter produces a variety of 5 main types of fire extinguisher models, sizes, and types. All of our fire extinguishers are built to strict national (ISI, BIS) and international (CE) specifications. ABC Type, Clean Agent, Carbon Dioxide Type, Water and Foam Type, and many other types are available.

Which fire extinguisher should you use?

Types of Fire Extinguishers And Their Health EffectsCO2 Extinguishers These extinguishers are meant to control electrical fires and those involving flammable liquids. …Dry-Powder Chemical Extinguishers This is the most common type of fire extinguisher. Dry-powder extinguishers put out fires caused by easily flammable materials (paper, cloth, etc). …Soda-Acid Extinguishers

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