What class fire extinguisher for grease fire

Fire Extinguisher Classes Class D extinguishers, geared to flammable metals, are found in labs and industrial settings. K extinguishers are for large grease and oil fires, usually in commercial or institutional kitchens. An extinguisher labeled for Class B or Class K is suitable for grease or oil fires. Click to see full answer.

There are four classes of fires: Class A: Ordinary solid combustibles such as paper, wood, cloth and some plastics. Class B: Flammable liquids such as alcohol, ether, oil, gasoline and grease, which are best extinguished by smothering. Class C: Electrical equipment, appliances and wiring in which the use or a nonconductive extinguishing agent prevents injury from electrical shock.

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Should Be Used on an Oil …

An extinguisher labeled for Class B or Class K is suitable for grease or oil fires. Multipurpose Extinguishers Some home extinguishers …

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What are the five classes of fire extinguishers?

These include:Class A – a fire started with normal combustibles such as wood, paper, and cloth.Class B – a fire started with flammable and combustible liquids and gases such as gasoline and paints.Class C – a fire started by energized electrical equipment such as power transmission cables or wiring.

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What are the classifications of fire extinguishers?

Class A. Extinguishers rated for class A fires are acceptable for dealing with ordinary combustibles, including wood, paper, textiles, and some plastics. …Class B. Extinguishers marked with a square containing the letter B are acceptable to use with flammable liquid and gas fires, including oil and gasoline. …Class C. …Class D. …Class K. …

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What is an example of a Class D fire?

Class A extinguishers will put out fires in ordinary combustibles such as wood and paperClass B extinguishers are for use on flammable liquids like grease, gasoline and oilClass C extinguishers are suitable for use only on electrically energized firesClass D extinguishers are designed for use on flammable metals

What are the five classes of fire?

Class A: This type of fire is common around households and businesses. …Class B: This type of fire utilizes flammable and combustible materials along with a fire accelerant. …Class C: Most electrical fires fall into this category. …Class D: This type of fire, also known as a combustible metal fire, poses danger in laboratory and industrial environments. …

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