What are the four methods of fire extinguishment

Most common types of fire suppression systems. 1. Water-based fire suppression systems. This kind of fire suppression measure remains the most common. Hence the name of a system, water-based … 2. Chemical foam suppression systems. 3. …

Water extinguishers. There are four different types of water extinguishers: water jet, water spray, water with additives and water mist or fog. Types of Fires. Removing the heat is one of the most effective methods of fire extinction available, which is why water is a popular extinguishing material.

The Methods of Extinguishing Fires – Synonym

The Methods of Extinguishing Fires 1 Cooling the Burning Material. Cooling the burning material is the most common method used to extinguish fire. Water is… 2 Excluding Oxygen from the Fire. Smothering agents are substances used to extinguish a fire by cutting off the oxygen… 3 Removing Fuel …

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Lets get to explain the different methods of fire extinction: Cooling: Cooling takes off heat from the fire triangle. This heat takes the position of an ignition source, sometimes the ignition source may be naked flame, sparks, etc. However, anytime the ignition source of a fire is removed, the fire will die out naturally.

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