Is it illegal to steal a fire extinguisher

If you steal a firearm, stop sign, a cow, or a fire extinguisher, it is a third degree felony. Or if you damage property in excess of $1,000 while committing the theft it is a first degree felony. If there is a STATE OF EMERGENCY declared all theft crimes go up a degree.

In 2017, a teenager was handed a suspended jail sentence for stealing a fire extinguisher, with the Judge commenting: “The theft of a fire

Student Arrested for Allegedly Stealing School Fire …

A student at Robertsdale High School in south Alabama is now facing criminal charges over stealing a fire extinguisher from the school for the “Devious Licks” TikTok challenge, the Associated …

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Yes, if you do not own the fire extinguisher, taking off or damaging a fire extinguisher label is considered tampering or tresspassing, and could be punishable by law. This could result in a misdemeanor charge, fine, or both. The reason is, even the label of a fire extinguisher is considered property of the owner.

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