How to use afff fire extinguisher

How to use AFFF Foam Fire Extinguishers Before attempting to fight a fire with a fire extinguisher it is important to check that it is fully charged (Fig. 1)… Ensure you remain a safe distance from the fire and remove the safety pin (Fig. 3) this …

People also ask, how does an AFFF fire extinguisher work? Foam fire extinguishers work in 2 ways. AFFF works by smothering the fire and sealing in the flammable vapours. This prevents the fire re-igniting. It also allows foam fire extinguishers to put out flammable liquid fires, by creating a barrier between the liquid’s surface and the flames.

AFFF Foam Fire Extinguishers- Everything You Need to …

Foam fire extinguishers are very effective at preventing re-ignition and have a high fire rating as a result. In the event of a fire the PASS strategy is advised. Start by standing facing the fire with your back to an exit, at a …

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Can AFFF extinguishers be used on live electrical equipment?

Some AFFF extinguishers have been tested against a live current at 35kv, but current guidelines are that they should not be purposely used on live electrical equipment and a CO2 extinguisher should be used instead. CAFS foam extinguishers are used almost exclusively by firefighting personnel during wildfires when the supply of water is low.

How to use a fire extinguisher correctly?

Fortunately, there’s a simple, 4-step method you can follow to use a fire extinguisher properly. The fire extinguisher steps method is known as PASS, and each letter in the word PASS (P, A, S, and S) stands for the first word of each step. The PASS method works for many common fire extinguishers.

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How do you use a foam fire extinguisher?

Flammable liquids: Aim the hose at a vertical surface near the fire, do not spray directly at the fire as this could cause the fire to be pushed and spread to surrounding areas. Foam extinguishers allow a build up of foam across the surface of the fire causing it to be smothered.

What is a Class A fire extinguisher?

Class A fires are fires involving combustible solids, such as wood, paper and textiles. Class B fires are fires involving flammable liquids including petrol, oil and paint. This makes the foam extinguisher a versatile choice for many businesses and for around the home.

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