How to store fire extinguisher

Without proper storage and preparation, the closest fire extinguisher might not be accessible enough to stop a fire. So, how do you store a fire extinguisher safely? Fire extinguishers should be stored upright in a visible location with signage and without environmental obstruction, preferably in above freezing temperatures.

The best places to store fire extinguishers are in areas within your building that are highly susceptible to fires. Some examples include the kitchen, laundry rooms, garage spaces, and workshops. Anyone near or within those areas can find the fire extinguishers and put out fires at a moment’s notice, saving you from costly building repairs and expenses.

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Storing a Fire Extinguisher: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure to keep OSHA employee fire training in mind when it comes to workplace fire safety. Here are three best practices for storing fire …

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How do you store a fire extinguisher safely?

To store a fire extinguisher safely, the extinguisher should be mounted on the wall in plain sight, with associated signage to draw attention to its location. Signage for a fire extinguisher should contain the following: Instructional wording: TO USE FIRE EXTINGUISHER: PULL PIN, AIM AT BASE OF FIRE, SQUEEZE HANDLE, SWEEP SIDE TO SIDE

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What should I do with my old fire extinguisher?

If the fire department can’t accept it in your area, bring your fire extinguisher to a hazardous waste disposal site. Fire extinguishers are a powerful tool.

How do I choose the right fire extinguisher for my workplace?

Know the right type of fire extinguisher for different areas of your workplace, depending on the hazards (ordinary combustible materials, flammables, electrical equipment, etc.) Check the maximum travel distance required by code.

Do non-pressurized fire extinguishers need to be stored upright?

A non-pressurized fire extinguisher will likely say that it must be stored upright. Since nearly all fire extinguishers are pressurized, a fire extinguisher that isn’t might actually hint towards a different problem.

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