How to put out fire without extinguisher

What Can I Use Instead Of A Fire Extinguisher? Heavy Blanket. For smaller, localized fires in one room, you can choke out the fire’s oxygen with a heavy blanket. Baking Soda. Dirt Or Sand.

The best way to put out a cooking fire is to “snuff it out”. You want to cut the flow of air to the fire. Here are some options: If the fire is small enough, cover it with a metal cooking lid or cookie sheet. Keep it covered until it has cooled. Cover the fire with a fire blanket, a large piece of fire-resistant material such as fiberglass.

How to stop a fire without a fire extinguisher

On a chip pan or stovetop fire, a fire blanket is the best solution. If you don’t have one of your own, a slightly damp tea towel will work. Always …

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How To Put Out a Fire Without a Fire Extinguisher Sand:. If you are outdoors when the fire takes place simply grab a bucket of sand out of your child’s sandbox, or some… Water:. Pouring water on a fire that started electrically could be very dangerous. To put out a fire with water, fill a… …

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Can you put out a kitchen fire without a fire extinguisher?

Can you put kitchen fires out if you don’t have a fire extinguisher? Yes, you can. Before you do that though, turn the stove top burner off. Then, if it’s a pan that has caught fire and you can safely do so, put a lid or cookie sheet on the pan. *CAUTION: you should only use a metal lid and not glass, as the glass can explode.

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How do you use a fire extinguisher?

To use a fire extinguisher, follow the easy steps of this simple acronym: PASS . P stands for pulling the pin and A is for aiming the nozzle at the fire. S is for squeezing the level, and the second S refers to sweeping the nozzle. Here are the complete steps to follow when operating a fire extinguisher.

How do you put out a fire without using gasoline?

Always turn off the heat first – and remember – never throw water over the flames. In shallow pans, simply lidding it can be enough to put the fire out safely. A very large quantity of bicarbonate of soda or salt can be used to snuff flames out, too. Don’t use flour, though; flour is flammable and will simply add fuel to the fire.

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What is the best way to put out fires?

A fire extinguisher is among the most reliable means of putting out a fire, but it’s not your only option. You can use a fire blanket for dryer fires and electrical fires. Baking soda is also very useful. Always avoid using flour, milk, or water to put out fires though, as they will worsen the blaze! Remember – it is not your duty to fight a fire.

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