How to put out an electrical fire without an extinguisher

CORRECT WAYS TO PUT OUT AN ELECTRICAL FIRE. If an appliance fire is small enough to contain, try to unplug it, if possible. Next, try to extinguish the fire by doing one of the following. 1. Use a fire extinguisher. You should use a multipurpose fire extinguisher with C in its label. The C means that the extinguisher is equipped to handle Class C fires.

If you working in the kitchen and find out a little electrical fires then fastly pick up any soda that contain sodium bicarbonate. After that pour this sodium bicarbonate powder evenly on the fire so that it extinguish. Truly it is …

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If an electrical fire starts. 1. Cut off the electricity. If the device that is causing the electrical fire is found, and you can reach the cord and outlet safely, unplug it. 2. Add sodium …

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Can I put out an electrical fire myself?

Before attempting to put out an electrical fire yourself, it’s important to know you can get out of the area safely. If you can see 2 paths to safety from where you would be located to fight the fire, then it’s reasonable to stay and fight the fire. If you can only see 1 escape route, you should take it and let the fire department fight the fire.

What do you do if you don’t have a fire extinguisher?

If you don’t have an extinguisher but you do have a fire blanket, use it to smother the fire. By covering a small fire you are eliminating much of the oxygen the fire needs to keep going. With quick action, a fire blanket or other thick blanket can be used to put a small fire out completely.

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What type of fire extinguisher do I need for an electrical fire?

Electrical fires are a Class C fire, which means that you will need an extinguisher that is appropriate for this type of fire. Most residential fire extinguishers are multi-purpose and labeled ABC, but it is crucial to verify this before using it on an electrical fire.

Can you use an ABC extinguisher on electrical fire?

Many fire extinguishers made for home use are ABC extinguishers. Other types of extinguishers could create an electrocution hazard if used on an electrical fire because they contain liquids or chemicals that conduct electricity. Use the fire extinguisher properly.

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