How to make fire extinguisher ball

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A fire extinguisher ball is an advanced, self-activating fire safety and response tool that provides multipurpose fire protection. When thrown or rolled in the fire, it bursts spontaneously, putting out the flames in the process. You can use it anywhere, anytime, to put out most types of fires. An average fire extinguisher ball takes anywhere …

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How to light a fireball with a fire extinguisher?

Review how to use the fire extinguisher before lighting the fireball. Hold the ball with a pair of tweezers or tongs. It’s not a good idea to set fire to the ball when it is in your hands. Instead, pick it up using a pair of tweezers or tongs and hold it out in front of you. Clear the bowl of rubbing alcohol away, as it could be a fire hazard.

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How to make a fireball with a shirt?

You can also make a fireball using a cotton shirt as a base, which will make a bigger flame. First, cut the cotton T-shirt into a 2 x 4.7 inch (5 x 12 cm) strip. Make sure that you are using a T-shirt that is 100% cotton. If you use a shirt that is only partly cotton, it will melt instead of burn. Roll the strip of shirt into a ball.

How do you light a ball of fire?

Use a fire source, preferably a long reach lighter, to ignite the ball. The ball should immediately be consumed by flames and become a fireball! Drop the fireball into your hand. After you light the fireball, you have the option of holding it by the tongs or tweezers, or holding it in your hand.

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How do you hold a fireball?

Shift the ball from hand to hand. 1 Hold your hands away from your body so that there is no risk of the fireball catching your clothes on fire. 2 Remember not to panic. It’s safe to hold the fireball as long as you keep shifting it around and keep it away from your… More …

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