How to extinguish fire ds3

These fires are fairly easy to find, as they are all at the tops of the largest "hill" sections of the swamp. If you see a path leading up a hill; you’ve …

kinda crappy video, got lost at one point lol but here is were all 3 fires are for extinguishing to open the door to the next area, hope it helps

All 3 Flame Locations Extinguished In Farron Keep

Timeline0:00 – Fire #10:55 – Fire #21:42 – Fire #3

There’s a prompt and they look much fancier than the random burning s*** in the goop. You need to extinguish the flames at the roots of the tall chimneys not any fire. 3 towers in the area, at botton of towers a re small candles – go to them and press x. Explore the area, it will become a lot clearer if you do.

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Dark Souls 3 – All 3 Flame Locations Extinguished In Farron Keep – How To Open Giant Gate Video Answer


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