How to extinguish different types of fire

When a Class B fire sparks, extinguish it by smothering the flames. Oppressing the fire eliminates the oxygen feeding the flames, and, thereby, …

To put out a Class A fire, the heat needs to be extinguished and the source of oxygen eliminated. 2. Class B fire. This type of fire involves flammable liquids, such as grease, oils, tars, oil-based paints, solvents, lacquers and alcohols. Unlike Class A fires, they never involve smoldering, and quashing the flames will fully put out the fire. 3.

Extinguish or Evacuate: The 5 Types of Fire and How to …

Use foam, powder, or carbon dioxide extinguishers to limit the fire’s oxygen supply; Class C Fire. Involves electricity (i.e. appliances, motors, …

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What are the different types of fire extinguishers?

There are five different types of fires, and each needs be put out using different extinguishing agents. If you went into a restaurant kitchen, a steel factory and a paint store, for instance, you would see three different types of extinguishers (a Class K, Class D and Class B, respectively).

How do you extinguish a Class C fire?

Extinguish a Class C fire by shutting off the electrical power, which serves as the fuel source for the electrical fire. Non-conductive chemicals like carbon dioxide should also be used to suppress the flames.

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What types of fires can be put out by equipment?

Keep your home or business safe by keeping on hand the right types of equipment that are designed to put out specific types of fires. The first type of fire is the class A fire. This type of fire ignites from common fuel sources, like wood, trash, fabric, paper and plastics. Class A flames burst out accidentally.

How do you extinguish a gas fire?

In this post we share some tips on how to extinguish three different types of fires. Keep in mind that if things are out of control, it’s best left to professional firefighters. Let’s get started. Firstly, the gas needs to be shut off. Smother the fire with a rug, or using a fire extinguisher.

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