How much is an antique fire extinguisher worth

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Antique Brass&Copper Fire Extinguisher, 24"*7.25", circa 1930s, MFG by Fire Equiment Ltd, Montreal, Canada, good original condition. BerylToysCanada. (124) $198.48.

Antique Fire Extinguisher History and Values

Chemist Ambrose Godfrey holds the very first patent in 1723 on fire extinguishers. But minimal efficiency failed the early attempt within years of application. British Captain George William Manby demonstrated his designed ‘Extincteur’ in 1816. And it was indeed provided the foundation of practical fire extinguishers.

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What should I do with an old fire extinguisher?

Clean the outside of the fire extinguisher when you inspect it; extinguishers should remain free of dirt, oil and greaseDon’t allow the unit to get dented, especially around the nozzle and handleKeep a written record of when you check the fire extinguisher and record the pressure

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How much is an antique fire extinguisher worth?

Old copper fire extinguishers, while adding a vintage touch to a room, are actually quite common; seen every day on eBay for prices ranging from $50 – $100. Price Range: $40.00 – $100.00. Please choose a way of uploading images. No flash plugin, please go to Adobe to install the flash player. Please log in first.

Which fire extinguiser is best for ABC types of fire?


What is the price of a fire extinguisher?

Typically, fire extinguishers for the kitchen or car are single-use and cost $10-$20. The Great Hardware Store, an Indiana-based retailer, sells a kitchen extinguisher [ 3] for $16. An automotive extinguisher [ 4] is $14. Industrial fire extinguishers, which often are capable of putting out A, B, C and D type fires, cost $300-$800.

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