Does osha require monthly fire extinguisher inspections

According to OSHA 1910.157, employers are responsible for inspection of their portable fire extinguishers. More specifically, 1910.157 (e) (2) requires that extinguishers be visually inspected on a monthly basis. This federal mandate also requires the annual maintenance 1910.157 (e) (3), the 6-year teardown, and the 12-year hydrostatic test on dry chemical

Chambers: OSHA requires a visual inspection of all portable extinguishers be performed at least monthly, but does not have a requirement for documentation of …

1910.157 – Portable fire extinguishers. | Occupational Safety and …

1910.157 (e) (1) The employer shall be responsible for the inspection, maintenance and testing of all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace. 1910.157 (e) (2) Portable extinguishers or hose used in lieu thereof under paragraph (d) (3) of this section shall be visually inspected monthly.

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OSHA requires a visual inspection of all portable fire extinguishers at least monthly. There is no OSHA requirement for documentation of monthly inspections. This should not be confused with mandatory annual inspections and periodic maintenance inspections which are required to be documented.

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How often to inspect fire extinguishers OSHA?

Inspect, maintain, and test all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace.Visually inspect portable extinguishers or hoses monthly.Perform an annual maintenance check on portable fire extinguishers.

How do you perform a monthly fire extinguisher inspection?

You don’t need a licensed professional to do your monthly inspections, so we’ve developed the inspection list for you. Here are the 13 steps to perform your own monthly fire extinguisher inspection: 1) Make sure the extinguisher is in its designated place, is visible, and is accessible for immediate use.

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What are the steps of an OSHA inspection?

Imminent danger situationsFatalities and catastrophesComplaints registered by employeesReferrals from other agenciesFollow-up inspections for worksites previously found to be in violation of OSHA health and safety standardsPlanned or programmed investigations of targeted industries or areas

How does OSHA conduct inspections?

Inspections are conducted by compliance officers, usually without advance notice. In states that have their own plans, inspections are conducted by state inspectors. Workplace inspections must be conducted at a reasonable time, generally during the employer’s normal work hours, and in a reasonable manner. When an OSHA compliance officer arrives …

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