What is Class K Fire Extinguisher Used For?

Class K Fire Extinguisher Used For?

A fire involving flammable liquids unique to cooking, such as cooking oils and greases that are vegetable and animal fat-based, and the Extinguisher used to extinguish this fire is known as a Class K Fire Extinguisher.

The type of fuel used to light fires is what makes them different. These classifications determine which extinguishing agents effectively put out fires and, therefore, which kind of extinguishers should be used.

The Class K fires are the most dangerous and difficult fires to control. They are most prevalent in commercial kitchens. To prevent these fires, you will need a special extinguishing agent.

Continue reading to determine what qualifies for a Class K fire and which types of extinguishers have explicitly been rated as Class K fire extinguishers.

Class K Fire Extinguisher

What is Class K Fire?

Class K fires can be fueled with flammable liquids specific to cooking, such as vegetable or animal fat-based cooking oils and greases.

These substances can ignite quickly if they reach high temperatures, as in the kitchen. Because of their flammability, they can quickly spread.

Because of the volume of cooking in commercial kitchens (including restaurants, cafeterias, and caterers), Class K fires pose a constant danger. Fire extinguisher and suppression systems must be installed correctly to ensure the safety of both the cooks and the customers. To extinguish flames caused by cooking oils or greases, a Class K fire extinguisher is able to be used.

Important: Before using the Class K fire extinguisher, turning off the hood suppression device is necessary. When the suppression system is installed correctly and maintained, it should be turned off. If necessary, the suppression system will shut down the power and make it safer to fight the fire with a Class-K extinguisher.

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What Types is Class K Fire Extinguisher Rated?

Although Class K fires can contain flammable liquids (e.g. petroleum or gas), Class B fire extinguishers are not rated to deal with high-temperature grease and oil fires in the kitchen.

Remember that water used on grease and cooking oil fires will not spread the flames as the oil is not absorbed but transported through the water. Never use water to light a fire that contains grease or oil. 

Class K fire extinguishers only are suitable for Class K fires, and they should be kept close to hand in commercial kitchens. These extinguishers are made up of extinguishing substances that remove the fuel from oxygen and absorb the heat elements in the fire triangle (fuel + heat + chemical reaction). Here is step by step guide of What do the Symbols on a Fire Extinguisher Indicate?

Wet Chemical fire extinguisher

Class K Fire Extinguisher - Wet Chemical fire extinguisher

The Wet Chemical fire extinguisher is currently the only class K-rated extinguisher. These extinguishers use an alkaline mixture such as potassium carbonate, potassium acid, or potassium citrate to create foam that covers the oil or grease and prevents it from breathing oxygen. The extinguishing agent effectively quenches the flames and reduces the chance of igniting.

The use of wet chemical extinguishers is a recent development. These extinguishers were created because vegetable oils have a higher auto-ignition temperature than animal fats. This has rendered the old dry chemical extinguishers useless. This extinguishing agent is also needed because of the newer efficiency fryers that retain heat better and are more prone to ignition.

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A Class K fire extinguisher is capable of extinguishing Class K fires. It can also extinguish a Class A flame that started in the kitchen due to the Class K fire. In essence, the Class K extinguisher should still handle the Class A fire that spread from the kitchen to the Class A materials. You can also learn How to Use a Fire Extinguisher?

It is important to recall that extinguishers rated for Class B fires or other fire types will not work on the cooking media that ignites a Class K fire.

Remember to use the kitchen Hood fire suppression device if a fire breaks out. You can then use the Class K extinguisher to protect against fires and prevent reignition.

Class K Fire Extinguisher training (Video)

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What is Class K fire extinguisher?

Class K fire extinguishers provide better fire control for cooking fires by minimising splash hazards. Creating a soapy foam on the hot cooking oil’s surface holds in the vapours and steam and smothers the fire.

What is a Class K type fire?

A Class K fire is fueled by flammable cooking liquids such as cooking oil and grease derived from animals or plants. At high temperatures, these liquids become volatile and can easily ignite.

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What does class K stand for?

Class K – Cooking media. Class K fires occur when cooking media such as vegetable or animal oils and fats are used. Extinguishers appropriate for Class K fires have the letter “K”.

What is the K fire?

The NFPA describes class K fires as those involving combustible cooking materials such as vegetable oils used in cooking operations. These fires tend to spread rapidly and can result in injuries and massive building damage.

Do I need a Class K extinguisher?

A Class K fire extinguisher should be installed in every commercial kitchen to supplement the suppression system. ABC extinguishers may prove ineffective in extinguishing a kitchen fire and may also cause damage to cooking equipment.

What color is a Class K fire extinguisher?

The geometric symbol indicating Class K is a black hexagon.

Can you use an ABC fire extinguisher on a Class K fire?

Despite the ABC fire extinguisher‘s ability to temporarily extinguish the cooking fire, the Class K fire extinguisher’s wet chemical agent will ensure that it won’t reignite.

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