Can salt water extinguish a fire

Then there is the fact that fire crews have to rinse out their hoses and equipment with fresh water to remove and salt reside after using saltwater. This is time-consuming and wasteful. So, it makes sense for a firefighter to only use salt water when it is …

Can Sea Water Ever Catch Fire? Seawater/ saltwater is not flammable and will not catch fire. It could even be used to put out fires, the same as freshwater. The only reason it is not commonly used for firefighting is that the saltwater can rust and damage mechanical firefighting equipment. But water is water and it’s not flammable.

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Can saltwater (ocean water) be used to extinguish forest wildfires?

Can saltwater (ocean water) be used to extinguish forest wildfires? Yes, if you could get the saltwater to the fire. But I would not advise it because trees and other plants do not like salt and refuse to grow where it is concentrated.

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Can you use salt to extinguish a fire?

Instead, it would be laying on the bottom, in the ashes of the burned materials. In fact, you can use salt to extinguish a fire, because it doesn’t burn. You’d need a lot of salt but if you threw enough of it on burning materials, you would smother the flame and remove any source of oxygen.

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Can saltwater put out a fire?

There are a few different methods for extinguishing fires. Water puts out fire by cooling (reducing heat) and smothering (cutting off oxygen). So, there’s not any reason why saltwater wouldn’t work as effectively.

How do firefighters get water for extinguishing fires?

Firefighters get water for extinguishing fires from two places: tanks inside of the fire engines and external sources like fire hydrants. The tanks on fire engines are filled with water from our underground water system. Fire hydrants, and just about every other external water source, provide water from the same underground water system.

Is saltwater the best tool for fighting fires?

Saltwater use creates problems for both the water distributing equipment and the surrounding environment. Read on to get the details about how the extinguishing process works and why seawater is not usually the best tool for fighting fires.

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