Are all fire extinguishers the same

Using the right fire extinguisher in the event of a fire is critical. Using the wrong one could be deadly. Fires are categorised in 6 different types and the type of fire will affect which fire extinguisher can be used. Fire extinguishers are colour coded to help ensure the right one is selected by a user in the event of a fire.

. When it comes to fire safety, it is important to know not all fires are the same. In a previous Fireline blog post, we discussed the Class Types of Fires. There are different kinds of fires because different fuels create different fires, which need different types of fire extinguishers. In this article we will provide you information on the different types of fire

What are the Different Types of Fire Extinguishers & Their Uses

Regardless of the type of fire, there will always be the same four elements present: Fuel; Heat; Oxygen; Chain Reaction; The theory behind portable fire extinguishers is that the fire can be extinguished by removing any one or more of these four elements.

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Fire extinguishers of this type contain an ammonium phosphate base agent. Multipurpose agents are used in exactly the same manner as ordinary dry chemical agents on Class B fires. For use on Class A fires, the multipurpose agent has the additional characteristic of softening and sticking when in contact with hot surfaces. In this way, it …

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What are the 5 types of fire extinguishers?

“KABSON” Fire Fighter produces a variety of 5 main types of fire extinguisher models, sizes, and types. All of our fire extinguishers are built to strict national (ISI, BIS) and international (CE) specifications. ABC Type, Clean Agent, Carbon Dioxide Type, Water and Foam Type, and many other types are available.

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What are the different classes of fire extinguishers?

Class A – combustible materialClass B – flammable liquidsClass C – flammable gassesClass D – combustible metalsClass E – electrical firesClass F – cooking fires

Which fire extinguisher is best?

Fire class Fire extinguishers are sorted by “fire class,” which is designated by letters A, B, and C. Typically, the best option for household use is an ABC extinguisher that can combat all types of fire, but if you are looking for a product to put in a specific location, such as the kitchen or garage, you might want one that is …

What is the best brand of fire extinguisher?

Like with smoke detectors, it’s important to buy a kitchen fire extinguisher that has an ETL or UL rating. Luckily most of the products from major home safety brands like Amerex, Kidde, and First Alert are all ETL- or UL-certified. You’ll also want to find one with an easy-to-read pressure gauge.

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